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Cloudy with a Chance of Miracles

by Lindsay Roberts





Recently, I had an unusual experience in the middle of a chaotic hospital emergency room.

Richard and I were about to have dinner with friends when my phone rang. The call was from a precious young lady that we know. I could sense the concern in her voice. She was in horrible pain and was headed to the emergency room, and she asked if we could meet her there. Needless to say, Richard and I excused ourselves and headed for the hospital.

When we arrived, the young lady was being hooked up to all kinds of machines to determine what was going on, including checking to see if she had possibly had a heart attack. She seemed far too young for them to be using words like heart attack, but checking for that possibility was procedure for her symptoms.

This hospital was a trauma center. We encountered a long line of ambulances and some difficult emergencies as we walked in—stabbings, drugs, police escorting patients, and much more—all compressed into one very busy, overcrowded room. There was a lot of action and chaos, and what I perceived as fear, permeating the emergency waiting room.

Since we were there with someone who was experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack, our own atmosphere was definitely charged. While I was waiting, I began to “feel” something I had heard over and over on weather reports. I could feel the “atmospheric pressure.” It felt like a storm rolling in. In fact, there was so much pressure that we were sincerely in need of “an atmospheric change.”

When we’re in the midst of a chaotic situation, I believe sometimes there has to be an atmospheric change on the inside of us, in order to change our perception of what’s coming at us from the outside.

I also believe there is always a “however” in the middle of whatever the devil tries to throw our way. But we have to be looking for it. It’s like the many references in the Bible when the scriptures say, “But God.” That phrase means “however” to me.

The “however” in this situation in the emergency room came after many hours and tests later, when a female employee came over with a wheelchair and said to the lady we were with, “I have to take you for one more test.” There was such a peace about this worker! In fact, there was peace all around her, around the situation, all around where she was.

As we talked, I asked her for her name. She told me it was Grace. I said, “Of course, that makes perfect sense.”

I thought about the Holy Spirit—the divine Paraclete whom the Bible refers to as “the One called alongside to help” (John 14:26). And I thought about how the “atmosphere” began to change when Grace walked in. How many times do we need change in our own lives, but we don’t allow “Grace” to walk in and make the atmosphere receptive to change?

I believe we need to invite the grace of God to bring us His unmerited favor, His wisdom, His answers, His victory, into our situation. When panic, chaos, fear or turmoil try to take hold of us, why just sit by and take what the devil throws our way? I believe we have the opportunity in those moments to declare what the Bible says, “Choose this day whom you will serve” (Joshua 24:15).

That night, we could have chosen to “serve” chaos, fear, worry, doubt and pain, because all of that was available and present in the situation. It was filling the room, the atmosphere. Howeverbut God! We chose to invite the grace of God to walk in and “change the atmosphere” with His peace.

You know, Satan loves nothing better than to get the opportunity to cloud our head with “a chance for an atmosphere of fear.” Let me explain…

When you live in a climate that tends to get rain in enormous amounts, it’s wise to listen when the weather report says, “cloudy with a chance of rain.” Well, I believe Satan brings storm clouds too, and his forecast is always “cloudy with a chance of fear.” It’s his goal to keep us wrapped up in that fear, in that turbulence of thought and emotion, so that we don’t act in faith.

But, we have a Bible right to change that forecast! Yes, it may look cloudy. Storms still come to us even as believers, but we can say to the storms when they come, “My forecast is, yes, it’s cloudy, but with a chance of miracles…cloudy but with a chance of grace…cloudy but with a chance for God’s miraculous healing power…cloudy but with a chance for God to intervene!”

I believe in miracles. And situations like this remind me of what is on the other side of refusing to give God’s miracles a chance to operate in our lives through His grace and power… the many blessings we might be missing out on when we choose fear over grace. When we let fear take control, rather than invite grace in and allow the Holy Spirit to bring the healing power of God to the situation, we can miss out on the miracle God had planned for us.

Remember, in the middle of the storm, we can learn to quiet ourselves and listen to that still, small voice of the Holy Spirit saying, “Peace, be still… peace, be still… peace, be still.”

Today, I encourage you to allow God’s grace to walk into your situation. Invite the Holy Spirit to come in as the divine Paraclete, the One called alongside to help. Allow the peace of God that passes all understanding to enter your situation, and see how quickly your atmosphere can change (Philippians 4:7).