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Good Lord, Good Word, Good Food!

Consider giving God “your busy”

A while ago, I had the strongest word from the Lord concerning being so busy that I was becoming overwhelmed and missing out on my private time with the Lord, which I so cherish. I felt the Lord impress me with the thought that if Satan can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.

The definition of busy is: fully occupied in a particular activity, especially work; full of bustle; not free; committed to something that has been previously planned or arranged, so one is unable to undertake another activity; sustaining much activity; restless; hectic; hyper.

As a verb, busy means to occupy, engross, absorb, involve, take up time, preoccupy, put to work, keep going, work at, strive, travail, labor, dredge, grind, and toil.

The definition of toil is to work incessantly, to make slow painful progress.

Doing our part and doing all God calls us to do is different than doing something in such overload mode that there’s no rest or peace.

Philippians 4:13 says, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I believe when we do things with balance and in harmony with God’s Word and His will, we can call on the “through Christ” part to give us the proper strength to get the job done. So many times, I wonder why I do things my way rather than first seeking God’s ways or methods, which will work so much better than my methods.

It’s like I think of the easy way to do things or the hard way. When I do it my way, it seems like I can fall into the trap of the hard way of doing things. And it seems to take me more time dong it my way, and I fall back into the “way too busy” category.

However, when I do it through Christ, not only do I feel like He gives me strength for the task, but it seems I can do the task more efficiently. Giving God “my busy” may seem like a small and insignificant thing to do, but when I did that, I was amazed how much more smoothly my day seemed to go.

So I encourage you to consider giving God “your busy.” Ask Him to help you be more efficient, and when you do, I encourage you to make precious time with the Lord. When I put Him first, even with my time, I ‘m amazed how things can be completely different in my day.