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A Mama’s Prayers and God’s Mathematics



blackboardAs a person who has always loved mathematics, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sent this chart. I look at it over and over, and I always see how God—the Creator of the universe with a capital O-N-E, the one true God—seems to jump off the pages every time.

Now, recently I felt inspired to call people—especially moms—to prayer, and I thought of God’s mathematics as we pray. I’m amazed how many times God uses terms like add and multiply in the Bible.

So let’s believe, as we join in prayer, that God will take those prayers and the time we spend praying those prayers and consider them as seed we sow for someone else. And let’s expect Him to multiply our seeds of prayer back to us—good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, according to Luke 6:38.

James 5:16 says we should pray one for another so that WE may be healed. It’s what I call a “boomerang prayer.” As we send it out, as we spend time praying for others, God can multiply that prayer back to us for our benefit.

Recently on my Make Your Day Count TV program, I’ve been feeling a real urgency to call mothers to prayer. That desire to pray is pretty normal for me as the mother of daughters and someone who likes to pray for my family. But I felt a strong need to take that a bit further.

As Christians, the Bible says we are part of the family of God. So I really feel an urgency to pray for our body of Christ family as mothers, grandmothers, aunts, spiritual moms…all those of us who have a motherly influence in someone’s life.

Moms overall seem to be the emotional ones in a family, and that’s a good thing. God gave us what I call a supernatural ability to feel things in an unusual way and to sense things in a way that is unique. It’s like the one big question our kids pretty much universally say to all moms: “Do you have eyes in the back of your head?” The answer is: “Moms are moms. It’s just a mom thing.”

Moms feel things perhaps in a way like no other group on earth.

So, I’m “calling all moms.” I’m old enough to remember the old TV show Calling All Cars. Wow, that really dates me. Well, I’m “calling all moms” to prayer. I’m asking moms, grandmas, and others who have that motherly role to devote a little “extra” time during each day to pray—not only for your family, but add a bit more to the list and pray for others too.

Let’s look again at James 5:16, which says, Pray one for another that you may be healed. Let’s see it as a seed-faith prayer—again, as a “boomerang prayer.” As you send it out towards another, the power of that prayer is designed by God according to this scripture to come back to you. And just like the boomerang, that prayer is designed to come back multiplied to you according to Luke 6:38—good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.

I see it as God’s mathematics. When we pray, He adds and multiplies back to us rather than subtracting and dividing. As we not only lift up our family to the Lord but extend out a bit to pray for our neighborhood, our surrounding areas like schools and parks and stores, and then go a bit further to the areas of concern in our state and then our nation… I pray that God hears and honors that prayer.

I pray that as you extend your prayers for others, God extends His power into your situation as well. As you pour into what concerns the heart of God, He pours out into what concerns the heart of the mother praying.

We can be mothers of prayer, a community that prays, a state that has mamas praying, and a nation that has mothers praying the prayer of faith over the nation. So… I’m calling all mothers reading this to hear a call to prayer as God leads you. And as you pray, you can even call friends to join you.

Perhaps it’s only five extra minutes that you spend in prayer, perhaps more. But I think five minutes of a mama’s prayer does much. You may feel led to stop there or to expand your prayer time, but I believe five minutes is a great place to start.

And as you pray, begin to expect James 5:16 and Luke 6:38 to come alive in your life. As you pray for others, consider asking God to boomerang that prayer back to you in the way you need it most. And I encourage you to expect, expect, expect a miracle from the Lord in Jesus’ name. Amen.